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Guided Imagery and Music

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For en udførlig præsentation henviser jeg til min hjemmeside på Aalborg Universitet. kan du finde udførlige beskrivelser af mine publikationer.


Bonde, L.O. (2000) Metaphor and Narrative in GIM. Journal of the Association for Music and Imagery 7: 59-76

Bonde, L. O. (2005). The Bonny Method of Guided Imagery and Music (BMGIM) with Cancer Survivors. A psychosocial study with focus on the influence of BMGIM on mood and quality of life. Dept. of music and music therapy. Aalborg, Aalborg University. Afhandlingen kan downloades som pdf.fil fra

Bonde, L. O. (2005). "Finding a new Place..." Metaphor and Narrative in One Cancer Survivor's BMGIM Threapy. Nordic Journal of Music Therapy 14(2): 137-154. Bilag på

Bonde, L. O. (2006, In press*). ”To draw from bits and pieces a more supportable narrative” . An introduction to Paul Ricoeur's theory of metaphor and narrative and a discussion of its relevance for a hermeneutic understanding of music-assisted imagery in The Bonny Method of Guided Imagery and Music (BMGIM). Canadian Journal of Music Therapy

Bonde, L. O. (2006, in press*). Imagery, Metaphor and Perceived Outcome in Six Cancer Survivors' BMGIM Therapy. Qualitative Research Monographs Vol. 2. A. Meadows. Gilsum, NH, Barcelona Publishers.

Bonde, L. O. (2006, in press*). Music as Co-Therapist. Investigations and reflections on the relationship between music and imagery in The Bonny Method of Guided Imagery and Music (BMGIM). Receptive Music Therapy. Theory and Practice. I. Frohne-Hagemann. Gilsum NH, Barcelona. [Tysk udgave i Frohne-Hagemann (2004)]

Bonde, L. O. (2006, in press*). Using multiple methods in music therapy health care research. Reflections on using multiple methods in the research project Receptive music therapy with cancer survivors. Music and Health Research (preliminary title). J. Edwards.

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